Aerial photogrammetry is one of the most important techniques that has benefited the most from the technological development of remotely piloted aircraft systems, and is generating interesting job opportunities.

Some applications allow industries, surveyors, architects, engineers and all those directly interested in the field of construction or 3D reconstruction, to carry out aerial surveys with drones and to create a virtual three-dimensional environment, to be used for analysis of the progress of the works.



Cognitive Aviation Training is active in research, innovation and software development for flight simulators, pilot assessment and training. We fine tune various original products, used both by us and by ours partners: CITT (Cogtech Interactive Training Tools), SAP (Skill Assessment…


Cognitive Aviation Training – ATO IT.0087 trains its students on two Alsim ALX 500 FSTD, EASA Qualified as IT.077A IT.079A-B-C. These professional flight simulators  allow the proper development of Cognitive competency courses as well as the recurrent training of professional pilots and Instructors


Flight Safety is one of the core targets of our activity and crew training has a key role in the development of a structural safe behaviour. Cognitive Aviation Training empowers Safety concepts through a range of courses, spanning from basic to professional, both initial and recurrent.