The APR CRITICAL OPERATIONS PILOT CERTIFICATE provides for the possibility of flying over urban agglomerations and/or sensitive infrastructures, where a level of safety consistent with the exposure to risk is ensured. The safety level of these operations is determined by the set of contributions provided by the SAPR, by the pilot, by the operational and management procedures of the flight activity, including the correct implementation of the maintenance programme.

The course consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part lasts 10 hours, at the end of the theoretical part the candidate will take an exam relating to the subjects of the course. After passing the theoretical TEST, you enter the practical part. The practical course includes a minimum of 24 missions of at least 10 minutes each and a final SKILL TEST with the ENAC flight examiner

Possession of a valid APR Student Pilot Certificate

Minimum age 16 years.

USERS Drone pilots in possession of the APR Pilot Certificate

THEORETICAL TRAINING 10 hours in total: classroom training + exercise on the simulator

PRACTICAL TRAINING 4 hours of practical training - 24 flight missions (minimum flight activity)

DURATION Theoretical course: 2 days (Including theoretical exam) Practical course: 3 days (Including ENAC practical exam)

The course includes a theoretical-practical exam. Upon passing the exam, the student obtains the release of the ENAC CRITICAL OPERATIONS APR PILOT CERTIFICATE for the piloting of APR in Critical Specialized Operations - CRO.

For information on costs, contact: Email: mr.astuto@cogtechfstd.com Cell: +39 380 526 9122

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Cognitive Aviation Training is active in research, innovation and software development for flight simulators, pilot assessment and training. We fine tune various original products, used both by us and by ours partners: CITT (Cogtech Interactive Training Tools), SAP (Skill Assessment…


Cognitive Aviation Training – ATO IT.0087 trains its students on two Alsim ALX 500 FSTD, EASA Qualified as IT.077A IT.079A-B-C. These professional flight simulators  allow the proper development of Cognitive competency courses as well as the recurrent training of professional pilots and Instructors


Flight Safety is one of the core targets of our activity and crew training has a key role in the development of a structural safe behaviour. Cognitive Aviation Training empowers Safety concepts through a range of courses, spanning from basic to professional, both initial and recurrent.