Precision agriculture

With the massive introduction of drones also in the agricultural field, techniques that may not be new, but certainly innovative for this sector, have specialized and allow for targeted results based on the type of cultivation and the state of health of the plants.

We are talking about precision agriculture which is defined as "an agricultural management strategy that makes use of modern instruments and is aimed at carrying out agronomic interventions taking into account the actual cultivation needs and the biochemical and physical characteristics of the soil".

With Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, a large part of these surveys can be carried out by air, allowing for greater speed of intervention and above all to have an overview. An innovation that is also deeply felt by operators, farms and trade associations who increasingly need more information or real learning courses.

The surveys make it possible to identify areas of suffering and to intervene in a targeted and specific manner in the affected areas without the use of pesticides in the entire cultivation, improving the harvest and making water resources more effective. Drones equipped with instruments capable of detecting the NDVI index "Normalized Difference Vegetation Index" allow to evaluate the vigor of the foliage.


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