Cognitive Aviation Training is active in research, innovation and software development for flight simulators, pilots assessment and training. We fine tune various original products, used both by us and by ours partners: CITT (Cogtech Interactive Training Tools) - SAP (Skill Assessment for Pilots) – COM.E. (Competence Environment). All our infrastructure is built around the concept of augmented cognition and related safety objectives. CITT are auxiliary training tools, useful to support professional and basic courses. These interactive software is able to provide a deep insight into training matters.

SAMI (Situation Awareness Monitoring Infrastructures)

S.A.M.I.- Situation Awareness Monitoring Infrastructure is a new project of COGTECH and we seriously believe that  it is a radical inversion of aviation training. S.A.M.I. will be a mobile, easy wearable device, ideally integrated on glasses or on an helmet EASA certified. We have recently completed an important phase of research in joint venture with Polytechnic University of Milan and Nan Yang University of Singapore. And now we are interested in investors to complete the research, create a prototype and put this innovative product on the market.

S.A.M.I. is a multi‐agent system composed of optoelectronic and neurophysiologic sensors and sophisticated software that assures the proactive improvement of flight safety in aviation through three fundamental actions: Enhancement of Situation Awareness, Increase in Decision Making capabilities and Better Workload Management.

S.A.M.I. will actively interact with the user Enhancing – Augmenting his cognitive capabilities through a dynamic learning process.

This will ease and empower the learning process , with savings in energies, time and economy. At the same time S.A.M.I. will establish an evidence in fatigue appreciation and produce a relief sensation.

COM.E. (Competence Environment)

COM.E. – Competence Environment is a mobile, tablet friendly, modular management software designed for aviation competence training. It can automate the functions of a training school integrating the macro‐areas:

  • DIDACTICS section enable the user to create and manage competence based training courses, tailored on the customer’s needs. Structuring a training course through a lesson plan, defining exercises, competence units and elements, performance criteria and lessons reports are easily manageable with this powerful and flexible tool. COM.E. software allows an integrated evaluation of Knowledge, Skills and Attitude.
  • SCHEDULING function enables the user to schedule all activities related to a specific training course, including theory, flight lessons and simulator missions.
  •  ACCOUNTING module is available, tailored on customer accounting system.
  • SAFETY Management System recordings and a database with all Hazards and Safety reports issued is available as a Safety module for all  safety analysis required to fine tune the customer’s Safety Performance Indicators.
  • REGISTRY module enable the customer to record all personal details of its customers, as well as all details necessary to build a proper staff personal qualification form. Recording of medical expiring dates, licences, ratings, currency are also part of this powerful tool.

VFS (Virtual Flight Scenario)

V.F.S. - Virtual Flight Scenario is a training software, scenario based, designed for professional aviation pilots , able to improve the training courses efficiency and effectiveness through an interactive, full immersion 3D training, in a Virtual cockpit-like environment. This software need a pc build with Microsoft Windows OS and a The HTC Vive.

V.F.S. main functionalities are:

  • The Virtual guide enable the user to deploy a checklist or a procedure, both on ground than in flight and provides a step by step guidance and a feedback on actions taken by the student.
  • The Virtual Interaction allows the student to experience a full immersion mission into a virtual cockpit, interacting with instruments, buttons, levers and the surrounding environment in an amazing 4D sensation.
  • Automated evaluation based  on  mission  objectives,  V.F.S. is  able  to  provide  the  student  with  an  automated,  objective assessment of tasks performed which can be recorded to form the student’s portfolio.
  • V.F.S. is expected to give credits on a theoretical part of the courses and in the integration between a theoretical and a practical part. Experimental trials have established a 25% reduction in training hours of Advanced Course and a 20% reduction of Basic Courses. Also a training cost reduction is expected due to the cut in FSTD hours required to fulfill a type rating course.

CITT (Cogtech Interactive Training Tools)

Based on EASA EBT paper concept on “Alternative Training Methods” Cognitive Aviation Training ATO has developed advanced tools able to improve the courses efficency and effectiveness through an interactive  full immersion training in a Virtual cockpit-like environment.

SAP (Skill Assessment for Pilots)

Is a suite of tests, able to measure Visual attention and Situation Awareness. It is intended to be used to assess student pilots capabilities and to train them.

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Cognitive Aviation Training is active in research, innovation and software development for flight simulators, pilot assessment and training. We fine tune various original products, used both by us and by ours partners: CITT (Cogtech Interactive Training Tools), SAP (Skill Assessment…


Cognitive Aviation Training – ATO IT.0087 trains its students on two Alsim ALX 500 FSTD, EASA Qualified as IT.077A IT.079A-B-C. These professional flight simulators  allow the proper development of Cognitive competency courses as well as the recurrent training of professional pilots and Instructors


Flight Safety is one of the core targets of our activity and crew training has a key role in the development of a structural safe behaviour. Cognitive Aviation Training empowers Safety concepts through a range of courses, spanning from basic to professional, both initial and recurrent.