Cognitive Technologies and Services (Cogtech) represents AeroPersonnel Global in Italy as its exclusive agent for the Italian flight crew labor market. AeroPersonnel is an aviation personnel agency based in Montreal Canada. In operation since 1997, it has established a worldwide presence in aviation personnel recruitment and placement. AeroPersonnel has been present in China for more than ten years and is intimately familiar with the Chinese airlines’ recruitment processes.

Cogtech promotes AeroPersonnel’s pilot employment opportunities on worldwide pilot labor markets to Italian flight crews. It provides pre and post screening support to Italian candidates looking for international employment. In effect, this specialized assistance is a key factor in successfully applying for Chinese airlines.

Pre-screening candidate assistance includes providing access to AeroPersonnel’s China Difference Course preparing candidates for Chinese airlines simulator assessments and CAAC flight tests. This assistance also includes CAAC medical preparation to optimize the successful passage of the CAAC ATPL medical examination.

CogTech’s post-screening support entails assisting accepted candidates to go through the issuance and notarization of their police security certificate, the CCAC license verification process and, as necessary, the immigration documentation support.

Make Cogtech and AeroPersonnel your partners in your search for lucrative employment opportunities in China. Apply with Chinese airlines with the Cogtech/AeroPersonnel advantage.

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