EBT Conference “State of the Art” on Next Generation Aviation Training

Ragusa 06 October 2017
• Evidence based Training state of the art

Cognitive Aviation Training, in cooperation with ITCA F. Besta is organizing an International conference on Aviation Training methodology, to be held in Ragusa, October the 6th 2017.
Our target in aviation training is a structural improvement of flight safety by putting people and their cognitive processes at the very centre of our research and training services. With this in mind we host the 2nd Conference dedicated to innovation and competences development of Teachers and Aviation Trainers.
Evidence-Based Training (EBT) arose from the need to develop a new paradigm for competency-based training and assessment of airline pilots, based on evidence. The aim of an EBT program is to identify, develop and evaluate the key competencies required by pilots to operate safely, effectively and efficiently in a commercial air transport environment, by managing the most relevant threats and errors, based on evidence collected in operations and training (IATA EBT Implementation Guide 2013)

The following organizations are scheduled to attend the EBT Conference “State of the Art”:


ITCA Fabio Besta/ ITAER Arturo Ferrarin : Innovation and Competences as an engine for Aviation

ENAC: EBT state-of-the-art

ALITALIA: Training Design in EBT Environment

IATA: Competence Based training

Netherlands Aerospace Centre– NLR: Alternative training Methods

ENAV: A practical use of competences in Interdisciplinary operations

Military Air Force: Competencies training in military operations

For further information : info@cogtech.it